About Artery


Corporate Sustainability Committee

Social responsibility has been an important part in Artery’s sustainability culture. We have all long attached great importance to the impact on environment, society and corporate governance while pursuing sustainable development and benefits.

The establishment of Corporate Sustainability Committee in 2020 is tasked with formulating sustainable development strategy and visions to optimize corporate governance system and strengthen the awareness of environmental protection and social responsibility. Upholding the principle of sustainable development, the committee led by general manager is also responsible for a regular review of the implementation status and report to the board of directors at annual corporate meetings.

The committee comprises of five working groups, representing Corporate Governance, Win-win Partnership, Environmental Sustainability, Friendly Workplace and Social Care. The members are from the relevant functional departments, which is set to be led by their respective director, combined with director-general, to make the coordinate efforts of each group to promote corporate sustainability campaign.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Committee Functions
Corporate Governance Strengthens the functions of the board of directors, formulates related regulations to improve internal control system and, provides quality service for customer under the principle of honest management, ensures the transparency of information disclosure and compliance with related laws, sets up a specific honest management team to promote the implementation of credibility culture.
Win-Win Partnership Improves customer service quality and satisfaction to safeguard customer’s rights, develops sustainable supply chains and works with suppliers to enhance our management capability in quality, cost, delivery and service.
Environmental Sustainability Promotes environmental protection, safety and health, energy conservation and greenhouse gas management, and establishes green supply chains to maintain a favorable industrial environment.
Friendly Workplace Manages worker benefits to safeguard their basic rights, and provides a friendly workplace and educational tutorials for employees
Social Care Maintains interaction with society, and pushes forward social welfare activities, including sci-tech development, campus education, environment protection and support for the disabled

Sustainability Policy and Commitment

Our Sustainability Policy and Commitment is involved in the fields of economy, environment and society. Through integrated resource planning, we have built long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and social communities, fulfilling corporate responsibilities and maintaining safety, health and environmental conservation. In addition, we have set up our corporate governance rule in light of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) to provide guarantee in the human rights, worker benefits, workplace safety, and anti-corruption.

Under the visions of putting people first, protecting environment and realizing prosperity with the whole society, we commit to working together with our partners around the world to pursue sustainable development and fulfill our social responsibility.

Sustainability Management System

Artery’s Sustainability Management System is in line with related rules and regulations to help detect and mitigate relevant business risks as well as promote the improvement of management system.

  • Public Policy and Commitment
    We stay committed to protecting environment and returning society to fulfill our social responsibility.
  • Management Responsibilities
    We have designated management representatives to review the implementation of management system on a regular basis to ensure its compliance and effectiveness.
  • Internal Audit and Management Review
    Auditing office and quality unit are responsible for conducting internal audit and management review in accordance with the annual audit plan approved by the board.
  • Corrective Measures
    Internal work procedures are well planned in advanced and standardized to help us achieve business goals. In regular operations, necessary measures are also put in place to cope with any abnormality or unexpected circumstances, finding out the root cause, and preventing similar recurrence.
  • Supplier Social Responsibility Requirements
    From the perspective of effective management of suppliers, we have built related regulations to urge suppliers to fulfill CSR in order to provide better and sustainable service in quality, price, lead time and customer satisfaction.