About Artery

Artery 雅特力科技
Innovation leader in 32-bit microcontrollers

Founded in 2016, ARTERY Technology (雅特力科技) is a global MCU creator specializing in innovation-driven development of ARM® Cortex®-M4/M0+ 32-bit MCUs. It has set up R&D centers, sales services and tech support offices in Taiwan, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Shanghai.

Supported by its up-to-date R&D technology, complete silicon IPs and higher integration, ARTERY has been committed to providing users worldwide with professional and diverse products and services that are efficient, reliable and highly competitive. All AT32 MCU products have been built on advanced 55nm process and in line with ISO 9001 quality standards. In particular, it has delivered a maximum of 288 MHz frequency in response to high-speed application requirements. Today AT32 MCU products are being widely used in various fields including industrial control, motor control, in-vehicle systems, consumer electronics, business services, 5G and internet of things, bring better user experience and technical support. Looking ahead, ARTERY will stay committed to the research and development of more efficient MCUs, continue to expand cooperation with qualified third-party platforms to promote the optimization and upgrade of MCU solutions, and make significant contributions to the building of the world-class ecosystem.


Efficient R&D Team  Efficient R&D Team

With years of development experience in high-end ARM-based SoC and outstanding R&D technology, Artery team has successfully delivered the first 32-bit MCU chip with high performance in less than five months after its establishment. Amazing!
Moreover, Artery has more than 85% of its employees in R&D, specializing in the integrated development of MCU platform, peripheral systems and applications.

Cutting-edge Technology  Cutting-edge Technology

Thanks to the outstanding R&D capability, comprehensive system middleware and driver modules as well as powerful development tools, the 32-bit MCU powered by ARM Cortex®-M4 core emerges at the right moment to satisfy the increasing demands of all kinds of applications.