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In the face of the surging demands of 5G, IoT, AI and industrial 4.0, embedded systems are forced to carry out profound changes in order to ehance processing capability and network connectivity. This means that more powerful MCUs are needed. Against this backdrop, ARTERY Tech stay committed to the research and development of high-performance AT32 MCUs. ARTERY MCU family, powered by 32-bit ARM Cortex®-M4/M0+, adopts advaned 55nm manufacturing process, embed a proprietary security library (sLib) and support a wider operating temperatures ranging from -40°to 105°C.

In addition to the improvement of performance, AT32 MCUs are designed in a way that become more flexible and reliable and secure, compared to M0/M3 32-bit MCUs in the global market. Since 2008, millions of products have been delivered and used in a wide range of applications, such as micro printer, laser radar, industrial sewing machine, Servo-drive, gaming, circuit breakers, ADAS, T-BOX, digital power and electric implements.

To create more development opportunities for IDH, the most important component in the MCU field, ARTERY has introduced the Security Library (sLib) that supports the use of password to protect the specified program area (security library) in the main Flash memory, so that IDH can store their core algorithms in this area for the sake of security, leaving the rest of the area for secondary-level development by end customers, greatly reducing the maintenance time of software.

The program code and data in the security library cannot be erased unless a correct password is entered. When the end user is performing mass erase on the main Flash memory, the program code and data in the security library will not be affected. After sLib feature is disabled, the chip will erase the entire Flash memory (including the content of security library). As a result, even if the password is leaked, the program code in the security library will be free from being leaked.

As an increasing number of product lines are launched, in order to give full play to product advantages, bring robust solutions and professional technical support, ARTERY is looking for IDHs from all over the world, and looking forward to working together with you to tapping into bigger market, providing sustainable solutions for embedded applications and building world-class ecosystem on the basis of mutual benefit and growth.



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