About Artery

Corporate Governance

To better practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate sustainability policy, Corporate governance structure has been set up in accordance with Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, Integrity Operation Regulations and Risk Management Policy we have laid down, along with the Company Act, the Securities Exchange Act and other related laws and regulations. The initiative is to help guarantee the rights and interests of shareholders, strengthen the functioning of the board of directors, respect the rights and interests of stakeholders and enhance information transparency so as to further improve corporate operation performance through effective governance system.

  • Information Disclosure
    Make public our business activities, organization structure and financial status in accordance with relevant regulations and industry practices.
  • Intellectual Property Right
    Stay committed to technological innovation and IPR protection to further enhance corporate competitiveness.
  • Fair Trade and Advertising Competition
    Adhere to the principle of fair competition to carry out business operations and advertising campaign.
  • Anti-corruption, Anti-bribes & Honest Management
    Uphold the principle of integrity to conduct business activities, any forms of corruption, extortion and misappropriation of public funds are explicitly prohibited. The stringent code of integrity has also been put into practice to keep an eye on employees’ behaviors free from obtaining improper interests or engaging in fraudulent cases by taking advantage of their positions.
  • Risk Management
    We identify possible prominent risks in our business operations from three aspects of corporate governance, environment and society, in addition to establishing related management mechanism and crisis response approach to minimize potential challenges and uncertainties facing the corporate.