About Artery

Environmental Sustainability

Green Development Policy

Artery has always carried out business activities and internal management in accordance with relevant environmental regulations and international standards, unswervingly dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development.

  • Pollution Prevention
    Artery pays higher attention to hazardous waste resulting from industrial waste water, waste gas, poisonous gas and chemical substances, does its best to put an end to all forms of waste, including water and energy, educating staff about energy conservation policy, and keep improving the operation process of maintenance and replacement of materials and recycling.
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Substances
    Artery has set up environmental management substance standards for products and packaging materials to comply with relevant laws and regulations, protecting the global environment and ecosystem.
  • Waste Disposal
    Artery strictly follows the regulations set by authorities to dispose waste resulting from production operations and sanitary facilities.


Safety and Health Policy

We are convinced that a safe and healthy workplace is good for improving product and service quality, enhancing the operational stability and boosting employee loyalty and morale. Thus, we always do our best to handle any issue related to health, safety and hygiene in a timely manner to guarantee a better working environment for our works.

  • Workplace Safety
    All potential dangerous sources in the workplace that employee has the opportunity to get into contact has been identified and evaluated (including electrical appliances, fires, vehicles, slipping, tripping, falling and others) and controlled in many aspects including proper design, management mechanism, prevention, maintenance and safe operation so that workers are accessible to appropriate protection facilities even if certain risks could not be completely controlled by above mentioned measures.
  • Response to Emergency
    We have put emergency plan and response procedure into place to cope with emergent events (for example, report an emergent event, inform the staff about escape policy, worker training and drills, fire monitoring devices and firefighting facilities, escape exits and restore plan) and to minimize damage.
  • Sanitary Condition
    We have set up clean toilets and canteens to provide staff with clean drinking water, food and storage facilities.


Energy Management and Greenhouse Gas Emission

Artery is a professional MCU design enterprise dedicated to promoting the development of 32-bit microcontrollers worldwide. Our major energy consumption lies in the electricity, and ordinary livelihood needs such as air conditioning and lighting, almost no other energy consumption.
Energy management and greenhouse gas issues, causing a big threat to humanity, have always be the world’s concern. In today’s industrial mode, the growth of economy will also inevitably produce more carbon dioxide. Thus, it is high on our agenda to strengthen gas emission control. Artery is committed to promoting the implementation of various energy conservation and carbon reduction initiatives each year, minimizing the impact on natural resources, reducing pollution and fulfilling social responsibility.