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Friendly Workplace

Human Rights

Labor and human rights are an important part of our people values. Our labor and human rights policies are carried out in line with the international standards and local related regulations, including the International Human Rights Code, the Core Labor Standards of the Basic Conventions of the International Labor Organization, the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles, and we have progressively promoted the implementation of RBA Code of Conduct in our business activities to ensure that works are treated with respect on the basis of equality.

Implementation Policy

Talents are not only a valuable asset, but also a foundation of corporate sustainability. This is particularly true to the world’s leading high-tech R&D enterprises. We do this by providing a safe and healthy working environment for workers to ensure that all of our workers are treated with respect, enjoy good benefits and welfare. In addition to competitive salaries, we pay special attention to the physical and mental health and career development of all workers. We are convinced that harmonious labor-management relations is good for long-term and stable development of our company. We have also set up various communication channels so that the suggestions and voice of workers can get a quick response from related departments, and a lively and harmonious working atmosphere can be built in the company through four-point policy.

  • Eliminate Discrimination, Child labor and Forced labor
    • Elimination of Forced Labor
      We have been in full compliance with government labor laws and international regulations to eliminate forced labor or related forced behaviors imposed on workers, including physical punishment, physical or psychological abuse or coercion, intimidation or verbal violence, deduction of wages, seizure of identity cards or other illegal actions. All of our employees work on a purely voluntary basis, and have the right to resign freely.
    • Prohibition of Child Labor
      In accordance with the Labor Law and the Law on the Protection of Minors, only eligible job applicants above 18 are recruited and their certificates have to be checked before employment to ensure that nothing is missed.
    • Fair Treatment
      We follow government regulations and international rules to strive to provide a professional, mutual-respect and reliable working environment to protect our staff from illegal infringement and sexual harassment in the workplace. It is forbidden to impose illegal treatment on employees such as sexual harassment, obscenity, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse and any other similar threat.
    • Prohibition of Discrimination
      We have established regulatory documents in line with international labor and human rights laws to ensure that our workers are free from harassment and illegal discrimination, and are treated equally in terms of employment, remuneration, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal or retirement, regardless of race, nationality, family background, social class, ancestry, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, trade union membership, political opinion, age or other factors. In addition, worker are not forced to take discriminatory medical examinations except for those to determine whether they are qualified for special work in accordance with legal requirements.
    •  Free Association
      We give full respect to the rights of employees to exercise lawful right, including freedom of association, participation in labor organizations and labor union and election of representatives, and we have set up various communication channels for employees to able to express their voice, opinions or suggestion on working conditions and labor-related topics without fear of retaliation, coercion or harassment.

  • Safe and Healthy Working Environment
    • Safety and Health
      A safe and healthy working environment contributes to the improvement of product and service quality and enthusiasm of employees. And we conduct business operations according to local labor safety and health laws and international social responsibility regulations to keep our workers away from occupational hazards and risk factors in the workplace.
    • Workplace Safety
      All potential dangerous sources in the workplace that employee has the opportunity to get into contact has been identified and evaluated (including electrical appliances, fires, vehicles, slipping, tripping, falling and others) and controlled in many aspects including proper design, management mechanism, prevention, maintenance and safe operation so that workers are accessible to appropriate protection facilities even if certain risks could not be completely controlled by above mentioned measures.
    • Sanitary Environment
      In addition to clean toilets, and coffee room with cleaning drinking water, food and refrigerator, we arrange special workers for daily cleaning, food waste collection, garbage classification, regular test of drinking water machine and disinfection to ensure a good working environment for employees. Beyond that, we have also placed garbage recycling bins that comply with environmental requirements in the workplace, and regularly conduct garbage classification education and training for workers across the company.

  • Assist Employees in Work-Life Balance
    • Working Hours/Remuneration
      Abiding by relevant national labor laws and policies about the working hours, rest days, holidays, wages and overtime hours to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
    • Talent Development and Training
      Promoting the cultivation of talents is always a focus of our corporate culture. We not only provide full assistance for workers in both work and life, but only set up a long-term education plan for certain specialists in education, on-the-job training and future career development.
      1. New Staff Training
        We have developed specific courses tailored to new staff with different job requirements and experience through general educational courses, e-course, OJT training, quality document reading and instructor system to help them adapt to corporate culture and internal operation procedures as quickly as possible. On one hand, we will arrange an experienced colleague for each new staff to help them get familiar with corporate environment and working contents, and participate in relevant training courses and arrange an interview with their supervisors and HR within three months, and record their work and life status. On the other hand, on the day of check-in, new staff will receive related professional training courses set by their individual supervisor according to New Staff Learning Manual, and other trainings in the subsequent half year covering company profile, work safety, operation process and trans-department work.
      2. Professional Training
        We design a wide variety of professional and technical training courses each year and arrange trans-departmental technical exchanges to provide more opportunities for workers to learn more about technical knowledge. In addition, each department has established a specific data base, plus regular department meetings, which also makes it easy and convenient for experience sharing and technical exchanges between employees and supervisors, and among employees.
    • Diversified Welfare Support
      We have a comprehensive set of employee welfare system and budget plan to ensure that our employees benefit from the growth of company, including birthday vouchers, marriage/childbirth subsidies, regular physical examination, and social insurance system such as accident insurance and medical insurance, as well as diversified team activities to relieve the pressure facing the workers and help them achieve a good balance between the work and life.
    • Warmhearted Service
      We believe that employees can enjoy their work and become more effective and innovative in a comfortable and safe environment, on which we put a lot of investment and also organize various extracurricular activities on a regular basis for our staff to work and live happily.

  • Harmonious Labor Communication
    • We are committed to building a harmonious workplace environment to promote the career development of employees, establishing a convenient communication channel to ensure that their suggestions can be swiftly passed down to the supervisor or HR to get a rapid response.