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Honest Management

Honest Management Policy

Honest management is an important component of our corporate culture. Thus we always follow relevant regulations and laws on anti-graft and anti-bribery to enhance honest management to create a sound environment for corporate sustainable development.

Code of Conduct

In line with the business philosophy of honesty, transparency and responsibility, we have established a comprehensive set of corporate governance and risk control system to maintain a sustainable business environment. All business activities are carried out in a fair and transparent manner based on integrity policy. Regular analysis and reviews are conducted to avoid dishonest activities and behavior, with prevention measures being put into force to review the effectiveness of the implementation. In addition, we will evaluate the qualification of agents, suppliers, customers and related business partners before carrying out commercial activities, checking if they are involved in dishonest behavior, and making clear statements on related integrity regulations to all partners involved. The company clearly refuses to provide, promise, require or accept, directly or indirectly, any improper benefits in whatever form or name.
Code of Conduct mainly covers:

  • Anti-bribery
    Bribery behavior is prohibited. No employees are allowed to, directly or indirectly, provide, promise, request or take any illegitimate benefits from customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, public officials or other interest parties in the course of carrying out business.
  • Improper Donation or Sponsorship Prohibited
    Any form of charitable donation or sponsorship must be carried out in line with related laws and internal operation procedures, not allowed to offer bribes in disguised form.
  • Offer or Accept Improper Gifts or Benefits Prohibited
    No employees are allowed to offer or accept, directly or indirectly, illegitimate gifts, treat or benefits, nor establish business relations or affect business transactions in this way.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Prohibited
    Following the intellection property regulations, internal operating procedures and contract provisions, all of our staff shall not use, disclose, dispose of, damage or violate intellectual property rights without the consent of the intellectual property owner.
  • No Disclosure of Trade Secrets
    All staff shall abide by the regulations of company trade secrets, not disclosing, inquiring or collecting non-job related business secrets.
  • Unfair Competition Prohibited
    Do not involve in the manipulation of bids, limit production and quotas, share or divide the market by allocating customers, suppliers, operating areas or business types.
  • Quality Products and Service
    Follow related laws and regulations and international rules to carry out R&D, procurement, manufacturing and sales activities in terms of product and service to ensure its information transparency and safety, and guarantee customer or other stakeholders’ rights and interests through a series of policies so as to protect them against any damage, direct or indirect, triggered in the use of products or service.
  • Education Training & Examination
    Organize education and training for employees on a regular basis to make them fully understand company’s honesty management policies, and conduct awards and punishments for dishonest behavior in accordance with internal management regulations.
  • Report System of Dishonest Behavior
    A specific report system is set to keep the identity of the informant and the content of the report confidential.
  • Punishment System
    A set of punishment system, combined with local laws and regulations, are adopted to deal with any behavior violating integrity policy.
  • Legal Compliance
    As our business activities spread all over the world, we have been keeping an eye on the changes in the policies and laws of relevant policies, with our legal department responsible for providing legal consultation and assistance to all departments through a systematic contract review process. Meanwhile, we also arrange our legal personnel to participate in external training courses to get a good command of the latest changes of laws and regulations, and review the company’s internal regulations to make them update so as to ensure that the policies or regulations are appropriate for and in line with our present situations. In addition, we regularly arrange a wide range of training courses for employees, including professional ethics, anti-graft, fair competition, insider trading, information security management and confidential information protection, intellectual property rights protection, personal data and privacy protection, conflict-free minerals and quality management policies, which is done in person or through internal activities such as new staff training and executive meeting, to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Report System of Dishonest Behavior
    Any illegal behavior violating the company’s ethical management policy can be reported in a confidential manner, and will be handled in a timely manner based on the principles of fairness and equity. The identity of the reporter and content will be kept confidential and protected. The reported person will be immediately required to stop the relevant illegal behavior and receive the corresponding disposal once confirmed based on investigation results, or dismissed for serious cases, or liable for damage compensation to safeguard company’s reputation, rights and interests.
  • Procedures for Reporting and Handling
    The informant reports the dishonest behavior through reporting system:
    Relevant units accept this report:
    • For ordinary employees involved in dishonest cases: report to general manager.
    • For directors or senior executives: report to the independent director or supervisor.
    The responsible unit and supervisor or personnel should carry out the investigation in a timely manner, and other relevant units shall provide assistance if necessary. The accused shall be given the opportunity to make a statement.
    The accused person will be required to stop the relevant illegal behavior and receive the corresponding disposal once confirmed based on investigation results, or dismissed for serious cases, and shall be liable for damage compensation so as to safeguard company’s reputation, rights and interests.
    The investigation unit shall keep written documents of the case acceptance, investigating process and results in electronic form for five years. If a lawsuit related to the reported case occurred before the expiration of retention period, the relevant information and documents shall be kept until the end of the lawsuit.
    For the verified cases, we will arrange related departments to review internal control system and operating procedures, put forward corrective and improvement measures to avoid the recurrence of similar behavior. The responsible unit will report to the board of directors the detailed information including the case facts, handling methods and subsequent improvement measures.
  • Information Needed for Reporting
    Real-name reporting is the basic principle, with anonymity as an exception; The following information should be provided at least:
    • The name, address, phone number and email address of the informant.
    • The name or other information that can confirm the identity of the reported person.
    • The information or facts about misbehavior or wrongdoing, such as, documentary evidence, physical evidence, basic circumstances, related parties, amount involved and others.
  • Report Channel
    Anyone who finds that the company’s employees may be involved in dishonest conduct can report through the following channel:
  • Protection System for the Informant
    We deal with the reported cases in a quick, fair and confidential manner, and keep the identity of the informant and the reported content confidential or provide necessary protection in accordance with the law.
    The protection we provide for the informant include but not limited to: the name of the informant or any information that can prove the identity shall not be disclosed without the consent of the informant, with the name, working location, address, phone and email address being kept confidential; and the investigation process with the informant shall be conducted under a blanket of secrecy.
    The informant, if an internal employee, shall be protected against improper treatment due to the report. Any false report or malicious accusation will be punished or dismissed if serious.