About Artery

Information Security

Business Secrets and Customer Privacy Protection

We attached great importance to the information security and privacy protection of our partners (customers, suppliers, agents, employees, etc.), establishing a series of management procedures such as confidential document and data management and patent protection to provide the best guarantee for our business partners in terms of trade secrets, intellectual property rights and privacy. In addition, we have formulated the Information Security Manual based on ISO27001 standard covering information security policy, information security organization, asset management, compliance with information security regulations, human resources security, physical and environmental security management, information security system introduction and maintenance, network communication, information security exception report and operation management, and adopt PDCA mode to ensure the implementation, maintenance and improvement of Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is used to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information through strict risk management process to avoid internal and external threats, and lower the risk of information operation so as to protect the privacy and business secrets of our partners.

Information Security Policy

Information security policy is put into practice to reduce information-related risks, providing a strong protection for our partners and solid foundation for sustainable development.

Information Security Initiative

As a leader of innovative 32-bit microcontroller, we have long put emphasis on the importance of information security management system, investing sufficient human resources and hardware facilities to build information classification system, confidentiality system, data protection technology and management, information security exception analysis and warning system to provide the most stringent information security guarantee.

Information Security Technology Management System

We have built information security monitoring system, along with the implementation of vulnerability scan, to prevent external hackers from intruding and leaking internal secrets. In addition, we have a comprehensive set of hardware and software equipment, including internet, personal information device like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones to form a safe information protection system to ensure data security of our partners.

Control devices Description
Account and password protection
  • Complex password setting , plus periodic password change mechanism
Account and authority management
  • Close account and authorization of resigned personnel on the same day
  • Audit and view account access on a regular basis
Access control
  • Regularly review access records
  • Regularly review remote access permissions.
Network control
  • Information device network control
  • Internal/external network and R&D environment network segmentation and access control
Threat detection and protection
  • Regular security updates
  • Automatically update virus features
System availability
  • Establish system exception handling SOP and make regular drills
  • Build exception backup mechanism for important systems
Confidential information protection
  • Pending email audit mechanism
  • Review of usage records
  • Online control of USB peripheral devices