About Artery

Intellectual Property Right

Technological innovation is always the core of our sustainable development. To protect technological R&D achievements and strengthen its competitiveness, we set up a slew of incentive mechanisms to encourage innovation and take part in patent applications to build a positive cycle of R&D and healthy corporate culture, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development.

  • We have a specific department responsible for intellectual property right, with a systematic patent management system and procedures to handle innovative proposals from R&D team.
  • Provide assistance for R&D department to review and optimize the quality of invent proposals to improve the approval rate of patent applications.
  • Various incentive mechanisms to encourage technicians for continuous innovation.
  • Online e-course training for technicians to know more about patent applications.
  • Provide technical search and analysis reports in line with the progress and needs of research and development to enhance R&D capabilities.

Risk Warning and Control of Intellectual Property Right

Technological innovation and intellectual property protection are the cornerstones of our competitiveness. We have taken proactive management and track measures in response to the potential risks of the flow of talent and industry-related technical issues.

  • Arrange professional training for new employees to learn more about legal knowledge in terms of business secrets and patent rights.
  • Set up a specific information security initiative on our website that includes a detailed description of information security system, confidential information protection for employees to learn.
  • Establish information security system to management access to information, and take a strict audit mechanism to issue early warning to avoid confidential information disclose, or block unknown information sources.
  • Actively track and report on major industrial issues related to technology, and conduct data exploration and analysis to set up a warning system and risk planning for R&D department.