About Artery

Winning glory with our partners

Customer Service

Customers are our important strategic partners. We adhere to the concept of serving the customers and we are convinced that good cooperation relations can only be established on the basis of mutual benefit and trust. Thus, we never stop trying to achieve or even go beyond customer’s expectations in terms of product development, design and technical support. To understand customers’ needs, except for frequent visits to and communications with our major customers, we also conduct regular customer satisfaction survey each year to get a more detailed look at their voices through questionnaires to help us propose targeted strategy or improvement planning, which not only ensures that the customers’ requirements are handled in a timely manner but also contributes to the continuous development of Artery.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    To improve customer satisfaction on Artery’s products and services, Artery has set up a management procedure of customer satisfaction survey to carry out regular review and evaluation on the customer’s feedback, and submit to the management review meetings for improvement.

    Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    Artery’s Sustainable Supply Chain Management are embodied into two parts, one for new supplier evaluation, and the other for qualified supplier management. Only the selected suppliers has passed through our evaluation, can they be regarded as eligible.

    • New Supplier Evaluation
      With regard to the selection of partners, we follow Outsourcing Factory Evaluation and Examination Method to determine whether the supplier has sufficient competitiveness on the basis of evaluation results in quality, costs and production flexibility, and follow the Quality System and Procedure Checklist to assess if the maturity of the supplier’s quality system, engineering capabilities and environmental, safety and health management level are in line with Artery’s requirements.
          Quality System: ISO9001 is required.
          Environmental Management System: ISO14001 is required.
          Environmental Safety Management System: OHSAS18001/ISO45001 and QC080000 are bonuses
    • Approved Subcontractor Management
      Once a new subcontractor has passed the new subcontractor evaluation process, they enter the sustainable supply chain management phase. In this phase, we emphasize four aspects:
    • Conflict Minerals Management Policy
      Tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold are essential materials for the functioning of electronic products, and widely used in resistors, capacitors, CPU, hard disks, memories, motherboards and connectors. However, in recent years, international organizations have found that illegal metals obtained through force labor and abuse of child labor in the mining areas controlled by non-governmental military groups or illegal military factions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries are the main source of funds for local armed rebel organizations to buy arms, which would not only fuel armed conflicts and confrontations, but also cause regional unrest and instable environment as well as violate human rights. Such metals are termed as conflict minerals in the international community.
      Artery requires all suppliers to sign a declaration for not-use of conflict minerals and respect the principles of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and only purchase from responsible suppliers so as to avoid illegal mining behavior involved in the forced labor, abuse of child labor and ecological destruction issues.