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Product Reliability

Reliability Verification

Following the reliability verification requirements of international standards like JEDEC and IEC, we actively implement the reliability verification and management of products to ensure the completion of production verification before MP and reliability detection afterwards to provide optimal quality guarantee for customers.

  • HCI: Hot carrier injection test
  • TDDB: Time dependent dielectric breakdown test
  • NBTI: Negative bias temperature instability test
  • EM: Electromigration test
  • SM: Stress migration test
  • HTSL: High temperature storage life test
  • Pre-con: Pre-treatment test
  • TCT: Temperature cycle test
  • PCT: Pressure cooker test (high temperature, high humidity and high pressure)
  • uHAST: High acceleration pressure test without bias
  • HTOL: High temperature operation life test
  • ESD/Latch-up: ESD/latch-up test
  • EFT: EFT test