About Artery


Artery Technology is always committed to the policy of honesty, transparency and responsibility on the basis of integrity since its establishment, and dedicated to the sustainable development and the creation of reasonable profits and values for stakeholders, workers and the society. By establishing clear, effective and real-time multi-directional communication channels, we are able to get more support and trust from associated stakeholders, and know more about their expectations, needs and views, all of which will be taken seriously while formulating our CSR and future business planning so as to contribute more to the whole society.


Stakeholder Identification

With the materiality and GRI rules as guidance, the identification of important stakeholders is carried out on the basis of five principles (dependency, responsibility, tension, influence and diverse perspectives) under the Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES).

  • Organizations or individuals that the corporate hold accountable for in law, finance and business
  • Organizations or individuals that could be affected by corporate operations
  • Organizations or individuals that will have an impact on the corporate operations

In light of these rules, our priority stakeholders are workers, shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers and contractors, academic research institutions and governmental agencies, respectively.
The representatives of relevant departments are responsible for investigating and listening to the views and opinions of their respective stakeholders.

Collection & Analysis of Stakeholders’ Concerns

Materiality analysis: By collecting the major concerns and views of stakeholders from all walks of life in economic sustainability, environment protection and social impact, we have identified and summarized 15 CSR issues for detailed analysis with reference to the related international regulations, including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), and evaluated their impact on the operation status of Artery.
Summary of Concerns:

  Concerns GRI Themes Employee Shareholder
& Investor
Customer Supplier &
Economy Corporate governance 205 Anti-corruption, Anti-monopoly, 401 labor -employment relationship, 203 indirect economic shock  
Behavior norms:
Anti-corruption and anti-monopoly
205 Anti-corruption, Anti-monopoly  
Customer relations maintain 408 Customer Privacy  
Quality & Competitiveness 201 Economic Performance  
R&D and Innovation 201 Economic Performance,416 Customer Health and Safety  
Market image Market position  
Environment Environmental policy 305 Discharge of wastewater and waste treatment        
Green products and operations Raw materials and Conflict minerals          
Expenditure on environmental protection and energy conservation Energy          
Water resources management 303 Water          
Society Workplace health and hygiene 403 OHS, 409 Forced or compulsory labor  
Employee salaries and benefits        
Employee career development 401 Labor-employment relationship, 404 Training and education, 405 Employee diversity and equal opportunities  
Labor relations and human rights 401 Labor-employment relationship
Supplier management 203 Indirect economic shock, 414 Supplier evaluation      

Communication channel & frequency

Stakeholder Concern Correlation Communication channel
& Frequency
  • Corporate governance
  • Quality & competitiveness
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Market image
  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • Employee career development
  • Labor relations & Human rights
  • The principal resources that brings the most value to Artery
  • Staff meetings (quarterly)
  • Labor relations meetings (quarterly)
  • Occupational safety and Health committee (quarterly)
  • Employee benefits committee (semi-annual)
  • Education and Training committee (quarterly)
  • Performance review (annual)
  • E-suggestion box/bulletin
  • Workplace health and safety, labor-employment relations, talent recruitment, talent cultivation planning and results, workplace environment, salary and welfare, and work-life balance
    Investor & Shareholder
  • Corporate governance
  • Customer relations maintain
  • Quality & competitiveness
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • Employee career development
  • Labor relations & Human rights
  • Provides capital needed for the business operation of Artery
  • Shareholders meetings (annual)
  • Other related meetings
  • Telephone/mail
  • Updates business performance, financial status, future visions and related major issues of corporate
  • Corporate governance
  • Customer relations maintain
  • Quality & competitiveness
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Market image
  • As a strategic partner, dedicated to creating value for customers together with Artery
  • Telephone/mail (daily)
  • Customer satisfaction survey (quarterly)
  • Quality meetings (monthly/quarterly)
  • Conference call with customers
  • Customer audit
  • Maintains customer relations, product quality review and improvement
    Supplier & Contractor
  • Customer relations maintain
  • Quality & competitiveness
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Supplier management
  • Provides related resources and services to facilitate business operations and grow up side by side with Artery
  • Telephone/mail (daily)
  • Supplier audit (quarterly/annual)
  • Quality meetings (monthly/quarterly)
  • Customer complaint channels
  • Track daily production status for further improvement, respond to customer complaint, advance the development of new technology and products, green product and conflict minerals investigation
    Government body
  • Expenditure on environment protection and energy conservation
  • Water resources management
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • Labor relations and human rights
  • Abide by government regulations and benefit from the infrastructure and administrative services
  • Official document
  • Various meetings
  • Labor inspection
  • Update major corporate information, financial statements, shareholders information and major investments
    Academic research agencies
  • Quality & competitiveness
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Employee career development
  • Provide talent and technology support for Artery
  • Summer internship
  • Industry-University cooperation conference (annual)
  • Campus speech (annual)
  • Questionnaire
  • Industry-University cooperation plan, summer intern plan, share latest technology and experience

    How to determine stakeholders’ concerns?

    A matrix cross-analysis method is used to determine the major themes according to the degree concerned by stakeholders and the impact they imposed on the business operations. Thus the themes with high concerns are identified as the priority ones. In addition, in view of the awakening of labor awareness in recent years, the talent cultivation has been a fundamental driver for the sustainable development of Artery, so the Labor relations and human rights and employee career development is taken into account while evaluating CSR issues. There are seven major ones and three minor ones.

    • Major issues
      • Corporate governance
      • Customer relations maintain
      • Quality and competitiveness
      • R&D and innovation
      • Employee salaries and benefits
      • Labor relations and human rights
      • Employee career development
    • Minor issues
      • Behavior norms: anti-corruption, and anti-monopoly
      • Workplace health and hygiene
      • Supplier management

    Response to concerns

    Items Concern Response
    Top seven items Corporate governance
    • Participate in the evaluation of corporate governance and the improvement of information disclosure
    • Strengthen the functions of the board of directors, and protect the interests and rights of shareholders
    • Implement honest policy, compliance with laws and risk control mechanisms
    Customer relations maintain
    • Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
    • Provide real-time and comprehensive information for customers
    • Optimize procedures and system structure to deliver high level protection for customers
    Quality & competitiveness
    • Strengthen internal quality education
    • Continue to improve product quality
    R&D and Innovation
    • Continue to invest in silicon R&D and chip design service
    • Continue to increase the proportion of R&D personnel and expenditure
    • Expand the coverage scope of R&D patents
    Employee salaries and benefits
    • Provide competitive salary and welfare system
    • Provide differentiated performance-based salary
    Labor relations and human rights
    • Eliminate discrimination, child labor and force labor
    • Provide a safe and health workplace
    • Provide assistance for workers to strike a balance between work and life
    • Create harmonious labor relations
    Employee career development
    • Ensure long-term and stable career development environment for workers
    • Cultivate high-tech talents and improve key technical capabilities
    • Strengthen supervisor management ability, talent training and organizational development
    Three supplements Behavior norms
    Anti-corruption, and anti-monopoly
    • Implement honest management policy
    • Dishonest behavior report
    Workplace health and hygiene
    • Control safety risks and build a safe and healthy environment
    • Carry out safety and health training for workers
    • Comprehensive health management put in place, and establish prevention and control plan of disease induced by abnormal workload
    Supplier management
    • Regular audit on suppliers
    • Require suppliers to follow Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

    Stakeholders contact information

    Should you have any question or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.