ARTERY Launches New Development Tools for More Comprehensive AT32 MCU Development System

【Hsinchu, Taiwan】 22 Apr, 2022

ARTERY has recently launched a series of new software tools including AT-Link Console, ISP Console, New Clock Configuration and I2C Timing Configuration. A complete set of new versions of BSP, Pack, ICP, ISP and ISP Multi-Port (tool packages) are released accordingly. Compared to the previous ones, the new edition includes technical support kits for the latest AT32 MCUs such as AT32F435, AT32F437, AT32F425 and AT32WB415, and further optimizes software features, providing comprehensive support for developers to improve development efficiency and product performance.


BSP & Pack
BSP & Pack tool kits are available from ARTERY official website. These documents provide a fast way for users to start working with ARTERY MCUs. They mainly include peripheral driver libraries and core-related documents, various application cases and Pack files. Pack files can be used in in Keil_v5, Keil_V4, IAR_v6, IAR_v7 and IAR_v8, and other development environments.

▲BSP Content Structure

  • document:User guidelines.
  • libraries:
    drivers:Peripheral driver libraries.
    cmsis:Core-related documents, including Cortex-M4 libraries, system initialization files, startup files, etc.
  • middlewares:Third-party software packages or public protocols, such as USB protocol layer drivers, network protocol layer drivers, operating system source codes, etc.
  • project:
    examples:Example demo.
    templates:Template project.
  • utilities:Storage directory of classic application cases.

▲Pack installation package


  • IAR_AT32MCU_AddOn:Zip file that supports IAR_V6、IAR_V7 and IAR_V8.

ICP(In-Circuit Programming)
ICP Programmer is a graphical interface application that makes it easier for users to use AT32 MCUs for solution development. The software enables users to operate ARTERY MCUs through AT-Link or J-Link emulator, and configure AT-Link offline projects that make it more efficiently for users to implement mass production programming through AT-Link offline download.


▲Main interface


ISP(In-System Programming)
ISP Programmer is a graphical interface application developed based on AT32MCU Bootloader. By using this software, users can configure and operate Artery MCU device through UART or USB ports.


▲Operate configure interface


ISP Multi-Port
ISP Multi-Port Programmer is a graphical interface application built on AT32 MCU Bootloader. The programmer allows users to configure and operate multiple ARTERY MCUs simultaneously via UART or USB ports.
ISP Multi-Port Programmer support button free download mode, making it convenient for user to implement mass production programming.
In terms of functional configurations, the application supports mass erase, sector erase, block erase, download files and user system data, Firmware CRC check, memory CRC, enable/disable protection, and disable sLib, among others.


▲Function operation selection


AT-Link Console & ISP Console
AT-Link Console is a command line application for operating MCU based on AT-Link. By using this application, user can configure and operate Artery MCU devices through the SWD port.
ISP Console is a command line application based on MCU bootloader. It allows users to configure and operate ARTERY MCUs through the UART or USB ports.


▲Operating procedures


New Clock Configuration
This tool is used to configure the clocks for AT32 MCU CPU/IP and to generate code.


▲New Clock Configuration UI


I2C Timing Configuration
This tool is used to configure the clocks for AT32 MCU CPU/IP and to generate code.


▲I2C Timing Configuration UI


All these software sources are applicable to the whole AT32 MCU family and available from ARTERY official website ( You are welcome to visit the website for more information and download them according to your needs.

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