About Artery

ARTERY Technology 雅特力科技 is a professional creator and maker of 32-bit MCU founded in 2016, with branch offices in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Taiwan specialized in R&D, sales and technical service support. Since 2008, tens of millions of products have been put on the market and widely used in various fields covering 5G, IoT, consumer, business and industrial control, such as, micro printer, balance wheeler, three-axis handheld stabilizer, electronic whiteboard, fingerprint recognition, sweeping robot, optical flow drone, electric vehicle controllers, scooter and panel, stage lighting, thermal imager, LED advertising display, wall switches, INS, DVR, robot control and other terminal applications.
Thanks to the popularity of IoT and smart manufacturing, Artery will continue to place emphasis on the development of MCUs, and partner with 21ic, Chuangyizhan, Sekorm and other third-party platforms in response to the increasing demand of intelligent hardware, more importantly, to make a positive contribution to the building of the world-class industrial ecosystem!